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Difference of carbon carbon brake and carbon ceramic brakes

  A lot of people know the important role of Braking system, also a lot of people are willing to spend more money to change this relationship to the life safety of the system. Speaking of the system, like the porsche 911, pagani Zonda R and lamborghini LP700 etc, these vehicles on the braking system is used on the changing material of brake disc, believe that if you have pay attention to these supercar fans will know that this material is called Carbon ceramic composite materials (Carbon Ceramics: C-SIC), which is a new type of composite material, it is not young, because the material as early as the 1991 Frankfurt international motor trade fair has been published. Only this material due to its production up to more complex, and the production cost is too high, so know in 2001, was formally applied to 911 (996) achieved. And with the continuous development of science and technology, in recent years, the carbon ceramic technology mature gradually, and after verification confirmed that it is indeed a very strong material, to be used in each big factory, and gradually developed to the modified products, only the price, is still so high.

  We first started its production process, in fact both carbon carbon and carbon ceramic, its basic parts are only one, that is carbon fiber. If you want to ask it with what we see at ordinary times package of carbon fiber is used to make and bellows materials used in? Answer you, theoretically making carbon brake disc package of the carbon fiber to make carbon fiber (dry carbon fiber) is actually the same, and the method of making the aerodynamic kit of high temperature and high pressure is actually one of the steps of making carbon brake rotor. Yes, both production package dry carbon fiber and carbon fiber brake disc have to go through high temperature and high pressure, this is a basic form, with the basis to continue to make, as for the carbon carbon and carbon ceramic production respectively is what? Lies in the different carbon ceramic brake disc is not is not really to join the ceramic, but on the basis of the carbon fiber add silicon (Si) this kind of element, the element in the case of high temperature and high pressure will react with carbon production of silicon carbide, and called it a carbon ceramic, its meaning is actually a ceramic contains elements of silicon carbide, so called carbon ceramic. The so-called carbon carbon, in fact, in the aspect of production and the difference between carbon ceramic is not added in the silicon. Is the direct use of layers of carbon fiber cloth for high temperature and high pressure compression, make it will be just the right thickness of compressed into layers of CFRP. Of course, you will also ask, carbon fiber sheet (CFS) is a flat cloth, if use resin glue, it will shatter easily, how to inherit the friction? Here is just a general designation of carbon fiber cloth, according to head back, actually making carbon carbon and carbon ceramic brake disc of the carbon fiber used although package to make the similar, but not the same. Brake disc, after all, there is a certain thickness and need of friction, so the time of its carbon fiber in the preparation of absolute is not flat, the horses as the production of brake disc, the use of carbon fiber is compiled by 3 d, and only in this way can we really be able to brake disc friction under high intensity.

  Speaking of the carbon fiber problem, and one more thing is to be sure, in a foreign country is Brembo manufacturers have the ability to make carbon fiber such as brake disc, these vendors are not the same way they have prepared. Particularly in terms of production materials, like help ferrari contract Brembo, its use of carbon ceramic brake disc of the choice of materials is to choose a way of short called woven. Its characteristic is to use this form to make carbon fiber is relatively convenient, thought short woven carbon fibre is generally small, so better control their weight, cost savings. This form made of carbon fiber its coefficient of friction and heat resistance, etc, the basic and the use of long to make woven carbon ceramic brake disc is the same, but its only shortcoming is the tension of the brake disc itself, if on a pedestal a miss will break them easily, so use this kind of brake disc models after the accident, the manufacturer usually requires the owner to brake disc to send back to factory for repair work. Because after an accident, you may not have the brake disc surface crack, but its internal may already appear internal injuries.

  Say that finish, let's take a look at its actual effect. Both carbon, ceramic and carbon carbon brake disk, it than the original cast iron brake disc is worse. We know generally made of cast iron in the form of the brake disc is quite large, the weight and metal though to withstand high temperatures, the temperature is not high. And in the case of high temperature, metal can appear the phenomenon of softening, in addition, the performance of thermal conductivity of metal is too high, so the heat will transfer to the brake disc and tubing, make the brake fluid produces heat and boil, finally it is fatal. The advantages of carbon fiber, first of all you should think of light, in fact, the size of the brake disc, using carbon fiber materials, are lighter than the cast iron material on half the weight. And this is not the key, the key lies in the carbon fiber material of insulation and resistance ability is very strong. That is to say, when braking, brake and brake disc friction, although its temperature will rise, but relatively slow, and its heat transfer is small, so if the intense driving, brake oil oil temperature will be guaranteed. Of course, this is the brake and the brake disc are carbon fiber material.

  Replacement brake and replace the brake disc, I believe that everybody's most concerned about is the working temperature and the coefficient of friction, working temperature in normal street, of course, it is best to start from zero, this carbon carbon and carbon ceramic are actually able to do it, and was selected by F1 carbon ceramic brake disc, we think the main reason is that the coefficient of friction, the friction coefficient of carbon ceramic belongs to a relatively average, meaning that it will have a general range of coefficient of friction, whether how much braking, its friction coefficient will wander in this range, so it is no problem for the street, but the corresponding to the aerodynamic super F1, I'm afraid it is not enough, because no matter what the car, the driver will continue to squeeze the brake distance, often is the zero point zero seconds late brake, can get a chance to overtake. Because if the coefficient of friction to keep for a long time in a certain level, the driver with the limit, it is hard to break. Then the characteristics of carbon carbon is most can play a role, because carbon carbon brake disk, its characteristics is that although normally also have a certain range, but when in fact the driver stepped on the brake, when its use, the more its friction coefficient will be stronger and stronger, so, this is carbon carbon and the difference between carbon ceramic brake disc.

  Many people think that carbon brake should be used in the car or the super sports car, in fact I don't think the braking system of the so-called hierarchical, just see how you normally use. For example, if you want to use daily, but want to occasionally and don't want to track multiple investment, big can change a carbon ceramic brake system. Or you like to travel across the country, may often meet with some long slope, if know can take advantage of the gear to control speed, of course, but if you don't understand, replacement of a carbon fiber brake system is also can give you more security. To tell the truth, replace the brake system is to strengthen the safety of the vehicle, we don't need to let this security also coupled with a level.

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