Carbon ceramic composites

  Carbon / ceramic composites are composed of carbon fiber, ceramic fiber and its fabric as the reinforced phase, a class name of composite materials such as carbon, ceramic as the matrix phase. Compared with carbon / carbon composites, carbon / ceramic composites have better oxidation resistance. C/SiC ceramic matrix composites have the advantages of high temperature resistance, low density, high strength, high thermal conductivity, high wear resistance, high damping coefficient, high thermal radiation coefficient, performance can be designed strongly and so on.

  The application fields of carbon / ceramic composites:

  Aerospace thermal protection system, carbon ceramic composite material is one of the best candidate materials of making the ablation surface resistance thermal insulation board. In the field of aerospace, when the vehicle enters the atmosphere, due to the large amount of heat produced by friction, resulting in the aircraft suffered serious erosion, it needs an effective thermal protection system such as the space shuttle and missile nose cone, wing, wing and cover plate, order to reduce the erosion of the aircraft.

  The high temperature connector, in a development project in Europe, advanced connection technology of thermal structure material has been developed very quickly, connecting with carbon ceramic composite material thermal structure, it can prevent the supersonic airflow interference, and also can seal under the high temperature, the simulation test results show that connections can be applied to the actual environment of high temperature, and can meet the necessary flight standards.

  The carbon ceramic composite brake system, on the highway, it often occur large trucks, buses and cars collision because of the brake failure so that cause fatal accident and vehicle damage. Generally, except the human factors, the main reason is the brake overheating, especially heavy truck long distance downhill,the strength of brake pad material decline sharply under the high temperature, it will result in brake failure and lead to disaster. As a result, we drip the water to the wheel shaft constantly to cool the brake pad when the large trucks run long distances. The use of new carbon ceramic composite materials will be an effective means to solve this problem.