Brief introduction of graphite

  Graphite is one of six allotropes of carbon elements,it’s layered crystal structure.As the special crystal structure,graphite shows the unique physical and chemical properties,such like:silver gray,lubricity,electrical conductivity,corrosion resistance,oxidative stability etc.Graphite divided into two categories,natural graphite and synthetic/artificial graphite.

  The natural graphite come from the graphite mineral,and there are two types of it, Amorphous graphite and crystal graphite(flake graphite).too much impurities in the graphite ore after mining,so it need to be beneficiation before using.the mainly use of natural graphite is produce refractory material,carbon brush,flexible graphite,lubricant, also be used for carburetant.

  Among the carbon industry,the largest production of the graphite products is variety of synthetic/artificial’s usually manufactured by petroleum coke or pitch coke,and finished after charge mixture, kneading,molding,baking, graphitization and machining,the production cycle need dozens of days.

  Graphite have a lot of types.There are so many kinds of the artificial graphite: Single crystal graphite, multi crystal graphite, pyrolytic graphite and Highly oriented pyrolytic graphite,carbon fiber and so on.Most of the graphite products belong to the multi crystal graphite.

  Graphite electrode is the mainly product of all the graphite products. It’s a high temperature resistance,corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity material.the artificial graphite is also widely used in other industry,such like the carbon brush used in the electrical machine,casting mould,EDM dies , wear parts and electrolytic cell in the chemical industry.High purity and high strength graphite material is also used in the nuclear industry and as the parts of rocket.

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