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Carbon-carbon composite material

  The carbon / carbon composites(we also named it as C-C composite or carbon-carbon composite material) is the carbon fiber and its fabric reinforced carbon matrix composites. It is one of the few alternative materials currently used in more than 1650 °C, the highest theory temperature is higher than 2600 °C , so it is considered to be one of the most future development of high temperature materials with low density (<2.0g/cm3), high strength, high modulus, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, good friction performance, and good thermal shock resistance, dimensional stability, etc., Carbon carbon composite can be used for Vacuum Furnace, High Temperature Sintering Furnace, Solar Silicon Furnace, crystal growth furnace, inert atmosphere furnaces, semiconductor furnace, multicrystalline Directional Solidification System (DSS), DSS furnaces.

  As all we known , the graphite and carbon products will occur oxidation reaction occurs in the environment of oxygen when it is higher than 400 °C temperature , it will cause material performance degradation. Although the carbon / carbon composites have many excellent properties at high temperature as we mentioned , but the carbon / carbon composite application of aerobic environment must have the oxidation protection at high temperature.

  The oxidation protection of carbon / carbon composites mainly have the following two ways, it can take the matrix modification and surface activity at low temperature, passivation of carbon / carbon composites for protection; with the increase of temperature, methods must be used to prevent direct contact of coating of carbon / carbon composite materials with oxygen in order to achieve the purpose of protection, oxidation. The most widely used is the coating method, with the continuous advancement of technology, the carbon / carbon composite ultra high temperature properties are dependent on the more and more, and in the high temperature conditions the only feasible oxidation protection scheme is only the protective coating.

  Our company have 2.5D , 3D , 4D carbon / carbon composite materials and can manufacture them to the parts due to their unique properties, our carbon / carbon composite materials and parts has been widely used in aerospace, automotive, medical and other fields, such as rocket engine nozzle and throat, the shuttle's end cap and the leading edge of the wings of the aircraft brake disc thermal protection system, etc..