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The applications and advantages of graphite products

  The graphite products have good adsorption. Carbon pore structure makes carbon have good adsorption, so carbon is often used as adsorbent material for adsorption of water, odor, toxic substances and so on. We have done the experiments, a few days before the barbecue pan graphite used looks very clean, but in the electromagnetic oven heating, we will see the last barbecue oil and the adsorption of harmful substances will slowly leaking, but don't worry, with a clean kitchen paper to wipe clean can use.

  Graphite products have good thermal conductivity, fast heat transfer, uniform heating and fuel saving. A baking pan made of graphite, such as a pan, is heated quickly, and the burned food is evenly heated, cooked from inside to outside, and the heating time is short, not only the flavor is pure, but also the original nutrition of the food can be locked. One of the main uses of graphite is to produce refractory materials, including refractory bricks, crucibles, continuous casting powders, mold cores, moulds, detergents and high temperature resistant materials. In recent years, two important changes in the refractory industry is MgO-C brick is widely used in steelmaking furnace lining, and the application of aluminum carbon brick in continuous casting process. The graphite refractories and steelmaking refractories are closely linked, the world steel industry about consumption. When roasting with a graphite baking pan, the electromagnetic oven starts the fire, only 20-30 seconds can be preheated. When the food is started, only the small fire can be played, and the utility model has the advantages of energy saving.

  Graphite products have chemical stability and corrosion resistance. Graphite has good chemical stability at room temperature and is free of any strong acid, strong base and organic solvent. Therefore, the graphite products even if long-term use, the loss is very small, as long as wipe clean amd new.

  The graphite products have strong oxidation resistance and reduction. The product, especially the graphite mattress, it can produce negative oxygen ions after heating, and can make the surrounding articles active, maintain the health of human body, effectively prevent aging, and make the skin full of luster and elasticity.

  Graphite products, environmental protection, health, no radioactive pollution, high temperature resistance. Carbon in 2000-3300 high temperature environment only after graphitization of at least a dozen days into graphite, therefore, the toxic and harmful substances in graphite already released and exhausted, at least in less than 2000 degrees is stable.