Carbon fiber rope

  The carbon fiber rope is made of carbon fiber, referred to as carbon rope. The polyacrylonitrile based carbon cord as an example, the commonly used 2 diameter, weight per meter 1.8g, minimum tensile load 100N, the maximum strength of 100N rings, the minimum ring strength 60N, ash content <0.5%, it is a kind of high temperature resistant materials and has excellent electrical conductivity.

  Carbon fiber rope is made into carbon rope or braided rope according to customer's requirements. The carbon rope is a necessary ingredient of heat insulation material for high temperature furnace. It can also be used as conductive electrode. The carbon fiber rope has been widely used in various types of insulation furnace negative ion conductive electrode, vacuum. Various weaving layer carbon felt bundling, sewing, chemical, petroleum, food machinery, medical machinery, medical equipment, civil construction, the field of electronic instrument etc.. It also can be made into 2-12 carbon ropes or braided ropes according to the user's requirements.

  The diameter of our carbon fiber rope are 0.5mm、Φ1mm、Φ2mm、Φ3mm、Φ4mm、Φ5mm、Φ6mm、Φ8mm、Φ10mm and so on.

  The carbon fiber rope must be used in a protective atmosphere or inert gas when the temperature is above 400 C, . It can not be stressed , avoid moisture when transported or stored.we cut it according to the application requirements.

  Our company also can produce other kinds of the carbon fiber products such as unidirection carbon fiber cloth and CFRP plate for strengthening the constructions. The bidirectional carbon fiber for different applications.please for free to contact us if you have the demand of our carbon fiber products. We will provide good quality products and high level service.