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Unidirectional carbon fiber cloth

  Unidirectional carbon fiber cloth is in one direction (usually warp) with large carbon fiber , and in another direction, it only have a small amount of fine carbon fiber usually , so all the strength of the carbon fiber cloth is in the same direction.

  Unidirectional carbon fiber cloth is made up of carbon fiber filament, the 0.111MM (200G) and 0.167MM (300G) are the conventional unidirectional carbon fiber cloths. Its width can be divided into 100MM, 150MM, 200MM, 250MM, 300MM and 500MM to meet the engineering requirements, other width and weight can be customized. The unidirectional carbon fiber cloth was used with the carbon fiber glue together, the carbon fiber sheet/cloth reinforced system is formed.

  The application of the carbon fiber cloth: crack repair protection, floor load increases, the concrete wall or brick wall reinforcement, the seismic demand, insufficient strength of beam slab column structure reinforcement, changing the using function of buildings, steel corrosion protection materials, structure of system change.

  The process principle of the carbon fiber cloth , the carbon fiber with high tensile strength is presoaked with epoxy resin glue and then become the composite materials (unidirectional fibers); the epoxy resin binder is used along the tension direction or perpendicular to the direction of crack to paste in the reinforcing structure, the formation of a new complex, which enhances the adhesive joint force increasing structure crack or the original materials and shear capacity of reinforced concrete, improving the structural strength, stiffness, crack resistance and elongation.

  Our carbon fiber cloth has excellent physical properties, high temperature resistance, high strength and high efficiency, the elastic modulus is equivalent to steel, the tensile strength of carbon fiber cloth is about 10 times that of the latter. The tensile strength is greater than 3400MPa, the elastic modulus is greater than 2.4 * 105MPa, the elongation is greater than 1.7%. Applicable to various types of housing, bridge construction reinforcement.