Graphite Sheets

  Heat conductive graphite sheet is a new type of heat conduction and heat dissipation material, which can conduct heat conduction along two sides, and improve the performance of consumer electronics. The color is generally black, the material is the natural graphite after the exquisite processing, the heat conduction coefficient in the horizontal direction is as high as 1500W/M-K. The use of IC, CPU, MOS, LED, heat sink, LCD-TV, notebook computers, communications equipment, wireless switches, DVD, handheld devices, etc..

  Graphite fins (3K-SBP), is a new thermal radiation material, has unique crystal orientation along the two direction, uniform thermal conductivity, the lamellar structure can be well adapted to any surface, shielding heat sources and components and improvement of consumer electronic products. Uniform heat dissipation products, but also in the thickness of the heat isolation.

  The unique thermal and thermal insulation properties of the graphite heat transfer solutions allow the thermal conductivity of graphite to become an excellent material for thermal management solutions. The thermal conductivity of graphite sheet has a high thermal conductivity in the range of 150-1500 W/m-K.

  Thermal conductivity of graphite material (Thermal Flexible Graphite sheet) is the main chemical composition of single carbon (C) elements, is a kind of natural mineral elements. The film polymer compounds can be graphite films obtained by chemical method under high temperature and high pressure, because the carbon element is a non-metallic element, but there are conductive metal materials, thermal conductivity, but also malleable like organic plastics like, and thermal properties, chemical stability and special lubrication, and can applied to solid surface and so on some good technological properties. Therefore, thermal conductivity of graphite in electronics, communications, lighting, aerospace and defense industry and other fields have been widely used.

  Graphite thermal conductive material provides a unique solution for the heat management industry. Thermal conductivity of graphite materials through a series of different heat management solutions to the growing demand for a wide range of industrial application of heat field technology scheme of heat graphite materials new product innovation technology provides a new thermal management of electronic industry. Thermally conductive graphite provides a better thermal conductivity by reducing the weight of the device, and the heat conduction graphite solution is a new application of thermal design. Thermal conductive graphite is an effective solution to the thermal design of electronic equipment.

  Thermal conductivity graphite sheet:

  Product features: the surface can be combined with metal, plastic, adhesive and other materials to meet the needs of more design features and needs.

  Low thermal resistance: thermal resistance is 40% lower than aluminum, lower than copper by 20%

  Light weight: 25% lighter than aluminum, lighter than copper by weight of 75%

  High thermal conductivity: graphite heat sink can be attached to any smooth surface and curved surface, and in accordance with customer demand for any kind of cutting.


  Widely used in PDP, LCD TV, Notebook PC, UMPC, Flat Panel Display, MPU, Projector, Power Supply, LED and other electronic products graphite heat sink materials. Graphite heat sink material has been widely used in the communications industry, medical equipment, SONY/DELL/Samsung notebook, ZTE mobile phone, Samsung PDP, PC memory, LED substrate and other heat.

  Thermal conductivity contrast:

  Product applications (Application): LED, heat sink, LCD-TV, notebook computers, communications equipment, wireless switches, DVD, handheld devices, cameras / digital cameras, mobile phones.

  Main features: high thermal conductivity; graphite heat sink can be attached to any smooth surface and curved surface!