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The construction process of the carbon fiber cloth

  The carbon fiber cloth is a kind of unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced products to reinforce the the tensile and shear strength and seismic of the structure , this supporting material and epoxy resin used together as the carbon fiber composite materials, carbon fiber cloth can be enhanced to form a complete excellent reinforced system, reinforcement engineering is applicable to buildings using in load increasing, engineering the changes of function, material aging, the concrete strength is lower than the design value, structure crack treatment, environment protection and repair service component.

  Here is a brief introduction to the construction process of the carbon fiber cloth:

  1).Cleaning the surface of the wall which is reinforced with carbon fiber cloth, making the surface smooth athwartships with the grinder, Until the concrete surface structure is exposed fully. The corner should be polished into circular arc.

  2).Removing the dust from the wall surface with a hair dryer to make it clean and dry.

  3).Mixing the glue according to the ratio of A:B=2:1 in a clean container and then stirring it with the blender for 5 minutes , and then placing the glue quietly for 5 minutes.note: The resin glue will be cured in 20-30 minutes, so mixing the homologous glue according to the operation progress.

  4).Painting the glue on the wall surface evenly, and then pasting the carbon fiber cloth which has been cut into the required size on the wall gently, rolling and squeezing the bubble out along the fiber direction repeatedly so that the resin glue is fully saturated with carbon fiber cloth, the carbon fiber surface shall not be damaged when rolling.

  5).Painting a layer of glue on the carbon fiber cloth surface after pasting the carbon fiber cloth so that the glue permeates into the carbon fiber cloth.

  6).Please repeat the above procedure if several layers of the carbon fiber cloths are pasted.note:Please pasting another layer of the carbon fiber cloth when we feel the front layer dry with our finger.