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The spherical graphite for power battery

  The raw material of spherical graphite is the high quality natural flake graphite, the advanced processing technology is adopted to modify the surface of graphite, it’s the graphite product which is in different fineness and the elliptical spherical shape.

  The spherical graphite processing, at first , we get the initial spherical graphite product by by coarse crushing, reconditioning, magnetic separation process from the dry fine graphite ore in graphite workshop, and then we get the spherical graphite (high purity)by high temperature purification in the workshop workshop .

  Spherical graphite material has good conductivity, high crystallinity, low cost, high theoretical lithium capacity and other characteristics, its charging and discharging potential is low and flat, it’s an important part of anode materials for lithium ion batteries at present , it also is the update product of the cathode materials for lithium ion battery production at home and abroad. It exists with excellent electrical conductivity and chemical stability, high discharge capacity, long cycle life, green environmental protection.

  The main index of measuring spherical graphite quality: the first is the physical properties including particle size (D50,μm), tap density (g/cm3), specific surface area (m2/g), water content(%), fixed carbon content (%); the second is the electrochemical performance including the coulombic efficiency (%), charge capacity (mAh/g), life cycle (cycles).

  With the development of the electric vehicle industry, our company researches and develops the natural spherical graphite which is used as large power lithium battery cathode materials in automotive, wind power and other fields. This product has a uniform distribution of particles, it has reached the domestic advanced level in the terms of energy density, power density, safety and other performances .