Graphite Packing

  Graphite packing is mainly composed of various fiber, metal wire reinforced (steel wire, nickel wire, copper wire, carbon fiber, preoxidized fiber, glass yarn) and reinforced graphite lines as raw materials Seiko weaving and. Suitable for high temperature and high pressure dynamic sealing. In addition to a few strong oxidizing agents, it can be used to seal the hot water, steam, heat transfer fluid, ammonia, hydrocarbons, low temperature liquids and other media, mainly used for high temperature and high pressure sealing, corrosion medium valve, pump, reactor. It is also a unique universal sealing packing.

  Application industry

  Chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food and sugar, pulp, paper and power industries.

  Application medium

  The chemical industry can tolerate boric acid, dichloromethane, acetone, acetic acid and other media. Graphite plate to remove a small number of strong oxidizing medium outside the seal of hot water, high temperature, high pressure steam, heat transfer medium, hydrogen, ammonia, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, low temperature liquids and other media

  1 compact crystalline graphite packing

  Compact crystalline graphite. The crystals of this kind of graphite are visible to the naked eye. The particle diameter is larger than 0.1 mm, the specific surface area is concentrated in 0.1-1m2/g, the crystal arrangement is disordered, and the structure is compact and massive. The graphite is characterized by a very high grade, general carbon content is 60 ~ 65%, sometimes up to 80 ~ 98%, but its plasticity and unctuousness as fine flake graphite.

  2 graphite packing, graphite packing

  Graphite packing crystal scaly; this is under high pressure metamorphism, large scale and fine scale division. This kind of graphite ore is characterized by low grade, generally 2 to 3%, or between 10 ~ 25%. Is one of the best ore floatability in nature, which can be more difficult after high grade graphite concentrate. This kind of graphite is better than other types of graphite in its floatability, lubricity and plasticity.

  3 aphanitic graphite, aphanitic graphite packing

  Hidden quality graphite also called amorphous graphite or amorphous graphite, the graphite crystal diameter is generally less than 1 microns, the specific surface area of the range of concentration in 1-5m2/g, is a collection of microcrystalline graphite, only under the electron microscope to see the crystal. This kind of graphite is characterized by the surface of the soil, lack of luster, lubrication is poor. High grade. General 60 ~ 80%. A few up to more than 90%. Poor ore.

  Graphite is widely used in industry and is used in almost every industry. Industrial use of synthetic graphite, that is, special graphite. According to the way they can be divided into the following.

  (1) static pressure graphite. Three high graphite is a lot of people called, but not high is isostatic pressing.

  (2) molded graphite

  (3) extruded graphite, mostly as electrode material.

  According to the particle size of graphite, can also be divided into: details of the structure of graphite, graphite, and graphite.

  Main use editor

  Asbestos packing for weak acid and alkali, ammonia, water, oil medium, valves, as static sealing anticorrosion and sealing effect is the best. Fiber packing a good thermal conductivity, acid and alkali resistance, suitable for all kinds of solvents, gasoline, water, liquid nitrogen pump, valve, sealing the reactor (another good thermal conductivity, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, suitable for high-speed operation under the condition of dynamic and static seal). PTFE packing is YISHION PTFE dispersion resins as raw materials, first made of raw film, after twisting, braided packing. Theptfewithout otheradditives, can be widely used in food, pharmaceutical, paperchemical fiberwithhigh cleanlinessrequirements, and has a strong corrosive medium, the valve is not suitable for use in water pump.

  The nature of high speed, high modulus aramid packing has excellent the (called artificial wire) its strength is three times the weight of the wire, five times lighter than the metal wire. So, compared with other types of packing, it can resist granular crystalline medium and higher temperatures can be used alone or in combination with other packing, suitable for solid particles with a wear medium, recommended for superheated steam, solvents, liquefied gas, Syrupand othergrindingfluid. Is a good substitute for asbestos in the pump system.

  The high water base plate is made of high quality ramie fiber, which is coated with graphite inside and outside. The outstanding advantage is that the coefficient of friction is very low, the shaft is not worn, corrosion resistance. The utility model can be used in the ship industry, the cold water treatment, the sea water and the cold oil, the low-pressure valve, the rotary device, the reciprocating pump hydraulic press, the ship propeller, etc.. Recommended for use in general dynamic seals, low pressure valves, rotating equipment, and reciprocating pumps. Temperature are less than 140 pH value: 2-12 line speed: 10m/s 15bar mixer blower: 15bar valve: 20bar is suitable for all kinds of water, sea water, salt water, oil, grease, weak acid, alkali medium, especially resistant to abrasive. (the packing according to the color to black and white).

  Graphite packing is to solid phase carbonation reaction, carbon fiber in non carbon nitrogen almost entirely by overflow go get graphite fiber carbon content close to 100%. The release of nitrogen is the result of a further condensation reaction of the small six carbon network plane, and the solid-state graphitization condensation reaction. About 6% ~ 7% nitrogen was removed in the process of graphitization, which left a lot of pores and pores of the path, resulting in the porosity of Vp reached the peak in the graphitization process. It is about 2200 degrees, almost all nitrogen removal, the porosity value; 2200 DEG C, the porosity of Vp decreased sharply, density rose sharply, small aromatic ring condensation reaction is the main reaction in the process of graphite packing, to fiber element