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Modification of graphite felt material for liquid flow battery

  Flow battery is to achieve large-scale renewable energy application of new green secondary battery two, the performance of electrode materials has important significance for the practical application of the flow battery, PAN based graphite felt electrode material is the preferred flow battery, in order to further improve the hydrophilicity and electrochemical activity of the modified Shi Mozhan electrode materials, graphite related research in recent years the carpet has become a hot spot.

  Energy storage technology is very conducive to the balance between energy production and consumption between the control in power, plays an important role in the integration of renewable energy and other areas, as one of the electrochemical energy storage technology flow battery, the redox flow battery, with current conversion capability, flexible structure design, reasonable cost, operation simple, is a new type of green two battery suitable for large scale electricity storage.

  Carbon fiber, also called graphite felt, is made of carbon fiber after pre oxidation by lapping process of acupuncture, felt body made of carbonization process, graphite felt is a low strength carbon fiber products, has the advantages of low density, low linear expansion coefficient, low thermal capacity, small thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance thermal shock resistance, strong resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and excellent high temperature, is widely used in industry, energy industry, auto industry, chemical and environmental protection.

  Graphite felt is the first choice of electrode material for liquid flow battery, but its electrochemical activity and hydrophilicity can not fully meet the requirements of liquid flow battery.

  The electrochemical activity of graphite felt is not high and the poor hydrophilicity, so graphite felt modification has become an important means to improve the properties of electrode materials, the modified method is mainly to increase the graphite felt surface oxygen and deposited on the Shi Mozhan surface catalytic material, and surface morphology of carbon felt, produce different effects of chemical composition and electrochemical performance, and improve the properties of liquid flow battery.