The Bipolar Plate Used in VRFB

  The bipolar plate used therein are required to achieve higher electrical conductivity due to the requirements for redox flow batteries have become more and more stringent in recent years.and thus A bipolar plate composed of an electrically conductive composite achieves a higher electrical conductivity by increasing the conductive filler content in the material.

  Graphite was used as one of the main bipolar plate material in redox flow batteries due to its high electrical conductivity ,low weight and good chemical stability in the past.Graphite blocks were produced by sintering process and plates were machined to desired sizes.The main limitation of this method was the porosity of produced graphite plates.

  At present, our company provides a bipolar plate for a redox flow battery , the bipolar late including an electrically conductive composite prepared by mixing a thermoplastic resin ,a carbonaceous material selected from graphite and carbon black ,and a carbon nano-tube.

  Our current business is extended from the overall solution of the material to the manufacture of bipolar plates, and thus provides the following three VRB assembly services:

  1).The bipolar plate (we can provide punch service. The thickness of the bipolar plate now can be processed are 0.6/0.8/1.0 /1.2/1.3mm.

  2).The composite of the bipolar plate and the electrode, the advantage is that the electrode felt is fully combined with the felt in the plate, it greatly reduces the theoretical value of the contact resistance to the felt.

  3).The bipolar plate ,the electrode and outline border. Three in one frame after embedding flow

  box (precision injection), it’s the way which improve the reliability greatly compared with the above 1 and 2.