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The graphite crucible and the crucible furnace

  The correct or incorrect operating method of graphite crucible will impact its service life directly , it need the coordination with crucible furnace when we use the graphite crucible, now ,we introduce the relationship between the graphite crucible and crucible furnace.

  The graphite crucible and the crucible furnace can not be separated. the application environment of graphite crucible become more and more brutal when we improve the working efficiency of the crucible furnace. On the contrary, the performance and the shape of the crucible furnace have been changed because of the quality improvement of the graphite crucible and the beginning of the large-scale crucible.

  In recent years, with the continuous improvement of environmental equipment of foundry machinery, the continuous improving degree of the mechanization ,the hydraulic tilting crucible furnace has gradually been adopted. Especially in the high temperature melting and the large copper alloy casting factory , the popularity rate of tilting crucible furnace is very high. So we should have a correct operation method when we use it , it has its life.

  The materials should be arranged in a graphite crucible vertically . The aluminum Ingot contacts with the crucible side wall askew due to the thermal expansion of graphite crucible, there is a possibility to squeeze rupture to graphite crucible. please note that the remaining soup shouldn’t be left when we bail the melt out. The remnants solidification melting will expand rapidly and cause the fracture of the crucible in the next time melting. For the combustion in the graphite crucible,the attention must be paid to the furnace design and adjustment of the burner for complete combustion in the lower crucible and under the crucible.

  We believe that through the above introduction, we will have a greater understanding of the relationship between the graphite crucible and crucible furnace, in the future application process, the more understanding of these knowledge is very useful for us .