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What’s the graphitized petroleum coke?

  The petroleum coke is the waste residue of the oil refining process, the graphitization is the process which we make petroleum coke into graphite after high temperature treatment , this process is the petroleum coke electricity after the high temperature of 3000 degrees so that the carbon molecular morphology of petroleum coke by irregular arrangement into six square uniform arrangement way, the petroleum coke can be better decomposition in hot metal this way, all of the main carburetants on the market is graphitized petroleum coke.

  The graphitized petroleum coke is a thing in recent years, although it is not a new product, it’s one of the graphite material , it develops a new purpose because it’s production is simple and the production cost is low .

  First of all, the graphitized petroleum coke is best smelting carburant. In the steel industry, to the production of good steel, we must have good raw materials including good carburant, and graphitized petroleum coke is the best carburetant. In the absence of graphitized petroleum coke, the graphite electrode scrap is relatively small, the price is high, it not only increases the cost of steelmaking, and restricts the development of the iron and steel industry, the emergence of graphitized petroleum coke break the bottleneck.

  In recent years, energy-saving emission reduction requirements more and more high, the industrial furnaces in large-scale and ultra large scale and technology development. Therefore the performance of supporting services for the industrial furnace large cathode block and large carbon electrode and graphite electrode, electrode paste requirements are increasingly high, it need add more excellent graphite scrap (by-product processing graphite electrode) to make large cathode block, large carbon electrode and graphite electrode, electrode paste. The graphite scrap can be partly replaced by the graphitized petroleum coke , and the market demand is increasing year by year.

  Military industrial chemical materials stabilizer, the pencil in light industry, the carbon brush in electrical industry, the electrode in battery industrial, the catalyst in chemical fertilizer industry and other fields will use carbon and graphite products. The graphitized petroleum coke after further processing can obtain high purity graphite such as anode materials for lithium ion batteries, aquadag, graphite sealing material and graphite composite material, graphite antifriction additives, graphene and other high-tech products ,in a word , the graphitized petroleum coke has wide application foreground as raw material .