Graphitization Carburetant

  The carburetant are divided into using in steelmaking and iron casting and some other materials are also need the carburetant , such as the additive in brake pads, as the friction material . Carburetant belongs to the external carbon materials in steel and iron smelting. The high quality carburetant is essential agent additive for production of high quality steel.

  The carburetant has many kinds of raw materials, the production processes also are different, wood carbon, carbon coal, coke, graphite, etc., it has a lot of small types in the various categories . The high quality carburetant generally refers to the graphitization carburetant,under the condition of high temperature, the carbon atoms are arranged in graphite morphology, so it’s called as graphitization.

  There are many materials can be used as the iron casting carburetant, commonly used with artificial graphite, calcined petroleum coke, natural graphite, coke, anthracite and the mixture material .

  The artificial graphite is the best quality carburetant.The main raw material for making artificial graphite is the powdered high quality calcined petroleum coke, in which the asphalt is used as a binder, and a small amount of other auxiliary materials are added. After a variety of raw materials are mixed, it will be formed by pressing and then in 2500 to 3000 degrees celsius and non oxidizing atmosphere we make it graphitization. After the high temperature treatment, ash, sulfur, gas content is greatly reduced.

  The petroleum coke is a widely used as carburetant. The petroleum coke is a by-product of refining crude oil, the impurity content in petroleum coke is high, it can not be directly used as a carburetant , it must be calcined at first . The graphitization can reduce the content of impurities in the carburetant, increase carbon content and reduce sulfur content.