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The main application of carbon fiber

  Carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites are widely used in foreign liquid rocket engines. Such as Germany's Astrium design, made with nozzle extension a water cooled thrust chamber test, as well as the Ariane rocket engine design for 5 level fire made the scale of thrust chamber extension nozzle; the 5 Ariane rocket upper stage engine engine and engine spray pipe Aestus HM-7 extension; engine nozzle extension; a an upper stage engine Snecma Venus motive nozzle extension development of French RS-72 company; USA Inc research expansion cycle liquid rocket upper stage engine RL10B-2 motivation extension nozzle Pratt & Whitney; the French company developed the Snecma expansion cycle LH2 / lox engine can be extended Vinci upper stage engine nozzle; USA Inc attitude control engine development demonstration the thrust chamber of a ARC advanced materials, in addition to the head Part of the middle part, the rest of the carbon fiber reinforced composite materials.

  In addition to its excellent mechanical properties, carbon fiber is used as a functional material due to its excellent electrical conductivity and excellent electrical conductivity. There are important applications in the electronics industry. Made of carbon fiber electronic shielding device has good electromagnetic wave absorption ability, carbon fiber and polymer composite become filling type composite material, not only has good shielding effect, at the same time, the shell material mechanical performance is greatly improved. Carbon fiber thermal plastic composite has excellent tensile, flexural performance, the than strong CFRTP is greater than aluminum magnesium alloy; quality is lighter than aluminum magnesium alloy, and are not afraid to rust, no heat isolation and special, has good seismic attenuation resistance and fatigue performance, especially for in manufacturing under alternating load of electronic components; the permanent anti-static, electromagnetic wave shielding and weather resistance were the heat better than plastic plastic . So the material has been widely used in electrical CFRTP ABS sub electrical field. If used in the preparation of wind turbine blades, explosion-proof switch, electromagnetic shielding materials, instrument cover, precision electronic instrument components, cable ducts, etc..