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Note on the use of graphite electrodes

  1, by the wet graphite electrode, to be dry before use.

  2, remove the foam plastic protective cap on the hole of the spare graphite electrode, and check whether the thread in the electrode hole is complete.

  3, with oil and water of compressed air to clean up the spare graphite electrode surface and the hole of the screw thread; avoid cleaned with a group or a wire brush wire cloth.

  4, the joint carefully screwed standby graphite electrode end (not recommended the connector directly into the furnace to replace the down electrode) electrode hole, not collide with thread.

  5, the electrode sling (recommended spreader of graphite material) electrode hole screwed into the other end of the inner electrode standby.

  6, lifting the electrodes, the soft cushion material to alternate electrode installed below the connector at one end, to prevent the collision loss joint ground; rings with a hook extending into the sling for lifting, lifting electrode should be smooth to prevent electrode from the B-side loose or and other fixing devices collision.

  7, will alternate electrode hanging to stay connected to the upper electrode, electrode hole alignment falls slowly; spinning reserve electrode, the spiral hook and electrode rotation decreased; when the distance between two branches of the electrode surface was 10-20mm, again with compressed air to clean the exposed part of the electrodes at both ends and joints; in the lower electrode, not too fierce, otherwise because of the fierce collision, resulting in damage to the thread of electrode holes and joints.

  8, with a torque wrench to tighten the alternate electrode, until a electrode end close contact (electrode and connecting the right connections cracks less than 0.05mm).

  Graphite is very common in nature, and graphene is the highest intensity substance known to man, but scientists may still need to spend several years or even decades to find a graphite into a large high quality graphene "thin film" method, so you can use it to human made a variety of useful material. According to scientists, graphene in addition to abnormal firm, also has a series of unique characteristics, graphene is the best known conductivity material, which makes it has great application potential in the field of microelectronics. Researchers have even considered graphene as a substitute for silicon, which can be used to produce the next super computer