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The characteristics of graphite crucible

  The graphite crucible has good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, high temperature in use process, small thermal expansion coefficient. It has a certain anti strain properties. The acid alkali solution, corrosion resistance strong, excellent chemical stability. The graphite crucible, because has more excellent performance, so in casting, metallurgy, machinery, chemical and other industrial sectors, is widely used for smelting alloy tool steel and non-ferrous metal and alloy smelting. And have a good technical and economic effect. The main raw material of graphite crucible is the crystallization of natural graphite, keep the physical and chemical properties of various original natural graphite. Graphite for acid and alkaline solution of stronger corrosion resistance, excellent chemical stability.

  There are two kinds of domestic graphite crucible production process: plastic molding process and molding process. The clay as binder plastic molding production cycle length, high labor intensity, low efficiency, coal burning, pollution, but because of less investment, used in China the process; and equipment static pressure pressing forming process if sintering with the natural gas as a clean energy source, fundamentally solves the problem of pollution and reduce the production processes nearly 10, short period and high work efficiency.

  The technical level of domestic graphite crucible production has reached or exceeded the quality of domestic imported crucible, crucible has the following characteristics:

  1, the high density graphite crucible has the best thermal conductivity, the thermal conductivity is better than other imported crucible;

  2, the appearance of a graphite crucible forming material special glaze layer and dense, greatly improving the product corrosion resistance, prolong the service life;

  3 components of graphite and graphite crucible in all the use of natural graphite, the thermal conductivity is very good. Graphite crucible after heating cannot be immediately placed in cold metal on the desktop, in order to avoid it because of rapid cooling and rupture.

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