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How to use the graphite crucible

  Graphite crucible has a very wide range of application in the metallurgical industry. It is used for containing various liquid metal, as a manufacturer of metallurgy, we should know how to use graphite crucible, otherwise there will be some problems in the latter part of the production and application. Here we will introduce the matters which we should pay attention to:

  1).Although the quality of graphite crucible is very good, not easy to damage, but we should handle it with care . The impact of falling from high altitude or bumps on the quality is not very big, but it will has crevice and even be broken for a long time so go on. We can’t give any remedy once the situation appear and can only change another one.

  2).The graphite crucible is easier to damp, damp will make it become soft, it will be deformed when it is striked by some impprocedure items. And once the water goes into the inside of graphite crucible, it will influence the raw materials contained by it and dilute the raw material and maybe even some chemical reactions will happen and affect its quality, waterproof measures must be done well.

  3).We can’t use the graphite crucible in the environment of sudden cold or sudden hot , it is easy to make its internal structure deformation, thus affecting its overall usage. Especially we should put it in the warm insulation to store it in the winter , do not put it in the cold outdoors, even we don't have a place to put it , we should use it ater its temperature become consistent with the ambient consistent.

  4).We can’t heat in the the graphite crucible above the naked light. Because its thermal conductivity is not special enough, heating by the naked light has no meaning, and smoke and fire roasted will make it blackened, it isn’t beautiful.

  5).We should pay attention to the distance between it wit the fire when we use the graphite crucible, this distance should be maintained at about 0.5 meters, there will be some problems if less than this distance.

  6).The liquid inside graphite crucible should be poured out when it’s not in use , we wipe it up and then storage. It can cause corrosion phenomenon if there are other residual liquid in it, we can’t see much change in the short term , you will see the problem during the long-term observation .

  Overall, the main component raw material of graphite crucible is graphite, it has all the properties of graphite, we hope we can use it with the correct , scientific and reasonable attitude.The use of graphite crucible is a very meticulous work, we need care and patience.