Carbon brick

  Carbon brick is with carbon as raw material, adding high temperature resistant binder amount of neutral refractory products.

  raw material

  Carbon brick raw materials including anthracite, coke and graphite, and asphalt, tar and anthracene oil binder. Anthracite volatile small, compact structure, production of carbon brick multi to it as aggregate, join the metallurgical coke (coke), to pitch as binder.

  Production process

  The production process of carbon brick is similar to that of other refractory bricks, but it must be prevented from oxidation at high temperature.

  Under the reducing atmosphere. Anthracite before use to first roasting, to exclude volatile, sulfur content, moisture and improve anthracite volume stability, mechanical strength and oxidation resistance. The coke should be dried first, so as not to cause the forming difficulty because of the high moisture content and the cracking of the product in the firing process. The asphalt must first melt and the dehydration, causes its moisture to be less than 0.2%, the dehydration temperature should be 120 ~ 160.


  Carbon brick is to roast the granular anthracite as aggregate, its size according to the size of the products: large brick for 8 ~ 12 mm, small brick for 4 ~ 6 mm. Anthracite to join the amount of about 60%. The coke powder, the particle size of less than about 70% micron content by 88. The amount of bond of carbon brick in blast furnace is usually 20% to 15. In order to prevent oxidation in brick when firing with coke powder or coal powder filler for protection. The firing temperature is 1300 to 1450 degrees C, the heat preservation time is about 20 hours, and the total burning time is about 240 to 420 hours, and the kiln is cooled to 60 to 40 degrees. Carbon brick high temperature out of the kiln, easy to fire and burn.

   Carbon brick, good thermal stability, low thermal expansion coefficient, high temperature resistant, resistant to a variety of acid, the erosion of alkali, salt and organic solvent, but in an oxidizing atmosphere susceptible to oxidation.


  Carbon bricks are widely used in metallurgical industry. The maximum amount of Carbon Brick for blast furnace bottom and hearth, many with carbon brick masonry. Carbon brick is also used for aluminum electrolytic tank. In addition, it is also widely used in the electroplating industry pickling bath, electroplating bath, the dissolution of the paper industry, chemical industry reaction tank, tank, high pressure kettle, petrochemical industry, etc..