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Material for EDM graphite electrode

  In twentieth Century, copper was widely used as electrode material in EDM. At that time, only in the production of large electrodes and mold processing requirements are not high or rough machining, graphite materials will become an alternative. Some of the early contact with the graphite electrode of the technical staff has a general impression: dirty, surface effect is not good, the processing efficiency is not high and so on. With the development of high and new technology, and constantly improve the manufacturing process of graphite material, it can satisfy different EDM demand of graphite materials emerge in an endless stream, market graphite for high speed milling machine tool arises at the historic moment, numerical control electric spark machine tool graphite discharge performance also promotes in the round. Today, in the manufacturing technology leader in Europe, more than 90% of the electrode materials used in die and mold. Aerospace, automotive, home appliances, electronics and other mold has a large range of graphite as the electrode material, this significant

  Owing to the high efficiency and high quality processing of graphite electrode, the change is attributed to the advantages of the graphite electrode.The choice of graphite electrode materials for electrical discharge machining (EDM) for graphite materials, mainly has the following 4 indicators directly determine the performance of the material: (1) the average particle diameter of the material. The average particle diameter of the material directly affects the state of the discharge of the material. Graphite materials the average particles smaller, more uniform material discharge, the discharge condition is more stable, surface quality is better, loss is small; average particle size is large, in the rough machining can get higher removal rate, but finishing surface effect is poor and electrode loss is relatively large. (2) the bending strength of the material. The bending strength of the material is a direct reflection of the strength of the material, showing the close degree of the internal structure of the material. The high strength of the material, the loss of its discharge performance is relatively good, on the high accuracy of the electrode, as far as possible to choose a higher strength of the material. (3) the shore hardness of materials. The hardness of graphite is higher than that of metal material, and the loss of cutting tool is larger than that of cutting metal. At the same time, the high hardness of the graphite material in the discharge loss control is good. (4) the inherent resistivity of the material. Inherent resistivity of the larger graphite material, the discharge rate will be smaller than the resistivity of the slow. The higher the inherent resistivity, the smaller the electrode loss, but when the inherent resistivity is high, the discharge

  The stability will be affected.

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