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Several major characteristics of graphite crucible

  Graphite crucible for everyone, perhaps not strange, many people may have heard of it, but they don’t understand the specific usage of the graphite crucible, today we , as the professional manufacturers will share with you and tell you what does the graphite crucible do.

  Simply speaking ,graphite crucible is a heated container, in our daily lives, some of the objects will melt when we heat it and it take us have a lot of trouble, for example, we can not use aluminum vessel in the melting process of iron because the melting point of iron is high than aluminum, the things which we want to melt did not be melted, but the container melt . So at this time , the graphite crucible appeared, people can use this kind of graphite crucible for smelting some metals,it can ensures the smooth production of the accident and also can avoid the occurrence of burns,so it is very helpful for our life. Graphite crucible has been widely used because it has the characteristics of non-melt in high temperature and corrosion resistance, so it will be widely used in non-ferrous metal heating and molding.

  Graphite crucible has good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, the thermal expansion coefficient of graphite crucible in the process of high temperature is small, graphite crucible has a certain anti strain properties to the heat and cold . For acid, alkaline solution , it has strong corrosion resistance and excellent chemical stability. In the metallurgy, casting, mechanical, chemical and other industrial sectors, graphite crucible is widely used in the smelting of alloy tool steel and non-ferrous metals and alloys. It has a good technical and economic results.

  The production technology level of Chinese graphite crucible has reached or exceeded the imported crucible, the quality of Chinese crucible has the following characteristics:

  1).The high density of graphite crucible makes the crucible has the best thermal conductivity, the heat conduction effect is better than other imported crucible;

  2).The appearance of graphite crucible has a special glaze layer and dense molding material, it greatly improve the corrosion resistance of the product and prolong its service life;

  3).The graphite components of graphite crucible are all natural graphite, its thermal conductivity is very good. it can not be placed on the cold metal table immediately after the graphite crucible is heated so as to avoid the cracking of the graphite crucible. Graphite crucible is suit for the melting of a variety of small number of alloy . you only need to exchange the graphite crucible If you want to change the type of alloy.Other fusion methods like melting used by reverberatory furnace and non-crucible induction furnace , they are suitable for the melting of a large number of single alloy , the metal will be polluted if the refractory lining don’t be replaced when we transform type of melting alloy.