An Overview of Chinese Graphite

     China is the world's leading graphite producing areas, it has the most variety of graphite in the world ,and the production quantity accounted for more than 70% of the world's graphite production. There are 3 main types of graphite in China, namely natural flake graphite, amorphous graphite and artificial graphite.

  Chinese flake graphite is very famous in the world with more reserves and big production and export volume. The flake graphite was characterized as hexagonal crystal structure, which was in layered structure distribution .The production areas of natural flake graphite mainly concentrated in Jixi, Luobei, Mishan and Muling of Heilongjiang Province, Pingdu, Laixi, Nanshu and Beishu of Shandong Province,Xinghe, Wuchuan and Hohhot of Inner Mongolia. The natural flake graphite production output of these 3 provinces accounted for more than 95% of the country.

  The natural flake graphite from Heilongjiang ,Inner Mongolia and Shandong has a lot of similarity but they also have the characteristics of themselves . The flake graphite from Heilongjiang has thin slice , good toughness and low iron content, especially be suitable for the battery industry. Flake graphite from Shandong is in standard hexagonal structure,it has the bright appearance , big scales and low content of mica quartz, so the grinding float can make the carbon content more than 98%,reduce environmental pollution and the production cost is low. Flake graphite in Inner Mongolia, the quality of raw ore is slightly higher than it’s from Shandong, it has large and thick scales features, but relatively speaking, the mica content is high, it is not suitable for the crucible industry, but have no influence on the refractory industry, especially for the production and machining of expanded graphite.

  Amorphous graphite is mainly distributed in LuTang, and Xinhua of Hunan Province, Panshi of Jilin Province, annual output is about 200000 tons, mainly be used as refractory materials.

  The artificial graphite is a synthetic material that’s graphitized after petroleum coke sintering treatment, mainly be used for graphite electrode, its remaining material after machining or the waste motor has been used by steel plant used can be make into graphite powder, then be used as carburant in steel workses or casting factory.

  Now,there are many excellent and professional manufacturers of graphite & carbon products in China who can produce and supply high quality graphite & carbon products such as graphite material, graphite rod/block/plate, graphite tube, graphite parts,cylinder of lubricant, graphite electrode, graphite crucible, quartz crucible, carbon felt/graphite felt,graphite foil/sheet and carbon/carbon composite.Chinese graphite has been exported to many countries in the world.