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Raw material of carbon carbon composite material products——carbon fiber

Carbon carbon composite material is made of carbon fiber reinforced and carbon matrix. The carbon fiber is made from PAN,pitch, rayon etc. and after pre oxidation and carbonization process. The carbon content of carbon fiber is above 90%,and it has a high strength, high modulus and high temperature resistance.

  PAN base carbon fiber has a good property of strength,and it can be widely used for many industrial field,the PAN carbon fiber is 90% of the world's carbon fiber total. Now,the total output of carbon around the world is amost forty thousand tons. And the production yield of Japan Toray ,Tenax and Mitsubishi will reach 75% of all.

  The carbon fiber can be used in many field,such as bycicle structure,racing boat, automobile race, brassie etc. it also can be used for aerospace and weapon manufacturing etc.because of the low density of carbon fiber, the specific strength is 7~9 times of the steel and it’s 4 times than aluminum, and when it’s under the under anaerobic conditions,it can be resistant to 2000 degrees celsius temperature,the carbon fiber is the indispensable material of the carbon carbon composite material.

  As one of the high performance fiber,carbon fiber has the inherent characteristics of carbon materials and is also has the machinability of textile fibers. It has an extensive application areas,especially in some special high-tech fields.

  The quality of the carbon fiber is affected by the quality of the PAN fiber,and it also influence the production yield and cost. In general,the quality stable PAN fiber 2.2kg can produce the 1kg carbon fiber,but the low quality of the PAN fiber need more 2.5kg to produce 1kg carbon fiber,and the quality is also not stable.