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Characteristics and usage of isostatic graphite

  Although the definition of isotropic graphite in the world needs to be further defined, it is generally to measure some physical properties of the product's diameter and length. The ratio of the thermal expansion coefficient is expressed as the ratio of the resistivity. The large scale graphite diameter of the advanced countries and other industrial technology has reached 1.5 m, the length is 3%, the bulk density is g/cm 1.95-2.0, the anisotropy ratio is reduced to 1.05. In addition to the use of ordinary petroleum coke, the use of modified asphalt, tar, coke, oxidized petroleum coke, petroleum coke, natural graphite, etc..

  And other static pressure graphite by high pure graphite pressed. Static pressure graphite is a new product developed in the last 50 years, which is closely related with the modern technology. Do not only in the civil field, occupies an important position in the national defense, is a new type of material, attract people's attention. It is the production of single crystal furnace, metal continuous casting graphite mold, electric spark machining with graphite and other non alternative materials, but also the production of rocket nozzle, graphite reactor of the material and the material of the reflection material.