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The characteristics and advantages of carbon fiber composites

      Carbon fiber and resin, metal, ceramics and other matrix composite, made of carbon fiber composite materials.

  Fiber reinforced material has been the focus of people's attention. Since the advent of glass fiber and organic resin composite, carbon fiber, ceramic fiber and boron fiber reinforced composite materials have been successfully developed, and the performance of the composite materials has been improved. Let us know about the carbon fiber composite material with no special features.

  Carbon fiber is a kind of special fiber which is made up of carbon. The carbon content of carbon fiber is different, and it is generally more than 90%. Carbon fiber has the characteristics of carbon materials, such as high temperature, resistance, electric conduction, heat conduction and corrosion resistance, but with the general carbon material is different, its shape has a significant anisotropy, soft, can be processed into a variety of fabrics, along the fiber axis show a high degree of intensity. Carbon fiber has a small proportion, so it has a high specific strength.

  Carbon fiber is made of carbon fiber, which is made of artificial chemical fiber which is not melted during heat treatment, and is processed by heat stable oxidation, carbonization and graphite.

  Carbon fiber is a new material with excellent mechanical properties. Its specific gravity is less than steel 1/4. The tensile strength of carbon fiber composite material is 7~9 times, it is 3500Mpa times of steel, and the tensile modulus of 23000~43000Mpa is higher than that of steel. So the CFRP strength than the material strength and density ratio to 2000Mpa/ (g / cm3) above, and A3 steel strength only about 59Mpa/ (g / cm3), the specific modulus also than steel.

  The main purpose of carbon fiber is to make structural materials, such as resin, metal, ceramic, etc.. Carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin composite, its specific strength and specific modulus, are the highest in the existing structure materials. In the field of density, stiffness, weight and fatigue properties, the carbon fiber composite material has advantages in high temperature and high chemical stability.

  Carbon fiber is the 50's in the early time of the rocket, aerospace and aviation and other cutting-edge science and technology needs, and is now widely used in sports equipment, textiles, chemical machinery and medical fields. With the advanced technology of new material and technical performance requirements increasingly harsh, and promote scientific and technological workers to improve. In the early 80's, the high performance and ultra high performance carbon fiber appeared, which is a technological leap, but also marks the research and production of carbon fiber has entered a advanced stage.

  The composite material made from carbon fiber and epoxy resin is a kind of advanced aerospace materials because of its small proportion, good rigidity and high strength. Because the weight of the space vehicle is reduced by 1 kilograms, it can be reduced by 500 kilograms of the carrier rocket. Therefore, the aerospace industry in the use of advanced composite materials. There is a vertical landing gear, which is used by the carbon fiber composite material has accounted for 1/4 of the total weight of the wing weight of 1/3. According to reports, the U.S. space shuttle on the key components of the 3 rocket propulsion and advanced MX missile launch tube, are made of advanced carbon fiber composite material.

  Now the F1 (the world's first equation) car racing, most of the structure of the body is made of carbon fiber material. Top sports car, a big selling point is the use of carbon fiber body, in order to improve the aerodynamic and structural strength

  Carbon fiber can be processed into fabric, felt, mat, tape, paper and other materials. In addition to the traditional use of carbon fiber in the use of insulation materials, the general is not used alone, and more as a reinforcing material to add to the resin, metal, ceramics, concrete and other materials, composite materials. Carbon fiber reinforced composites used as aircraft structural materials, electromagnetic shielding in electrical materials, artificial ligaments and other body substitute materials as well as for manufacturing the rocket shell, motor boats, industrial robots, automobile plate spring and drive shaft etc..


  1、 high strength (5 times the iron and steel)

  2、 excellent heat resistance (can withstand 2000 degrees above the high temperature)

  3、 excellent thermal shock resistance

  4、 low thermal expansion coefficient (deformation is small)

  5、 small heat capacity (energy saving)

  6、the proportion of small (steel 1/5)

  7、 excellent corrosion resistance and radiation properties