Mould graphite manufacturing

  The foundry industry in the machinery industry uses graphite material as the pressure casting, centrifugal casting, super hard alloy hot extrusion and other processing of the mold, big to the train wheel, small to precision parts can be used graphite mold. Graphite mold can be used repeatedly, after the release of the casting has a high degree of finish, some without further processing can be used. Graphite materials used in the casting mold should be of high quality, low thermal expansion coefficient and good oxidation resistance. Graphite can be used in the casting of large size. China for the manufacture of a large number of graphite mold, in 2005, the continuous casting of graphite about 1500t, the use of graphite in the production of 4000t.

  In the mould graphite metal continuous casting graphite quality requirements of the most stringent requirements for its high thermal conductivity, thermal stability and thermal shock resistance, good lubrication, and molten metal infiltration, not with the cast metal reaction, easy to process into the size of the mold. The characteristics of continuous casting graphite are as follows: bulk density 1.7-1.9g/cm, flexural strength 30-40MPa, tensile strength 20-30MPa, thermal conductivity 100 W/ (K - M).

  X mm 280 X MM 200 mm 1260 mm 240 mm 1000 X mm 70 X casting speed according to the size of the cast plate 0.7 m/min ~4. Fine structure graphite or other static pressure forming graphite can be processed into metal continuous casting graphite pieces.