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The summary introduction of Forging graphite emulsion

  Forging graphite emulsion (forging demoulding agent) is a compounded with graphite and other polymer materials of water-based release agent, is black, non-ferrous metal hot and cold working mould release lubricant. Forged sub micron graphite emulsion is a high-end products in the forging of graphite, metal precision forging, when its very fine graphite particles attached to the surface of the mold, can form a layer of thin film solid adhesion on metal mold surface, this film has excellent lubrication, high temperature resistance.

  The product is mainly used for forging forging, metal mold machining, heat extrusion processing (such as aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metals), molten steel casting, pure silicon smelting and other fields.

  Main ingredients

  Graphite, inorganic film forming material, organic water soluble polymer (which has the function of protecting and dispersing the colloid), and the water, etc.. The specific formulation and production technology vary with the application field.

  Environmental protection

  In the course of the use of water, there is no harmful gas emissions in the process of the use of graphite milk.

  Using method

  1 、The use of the first should be a mix of forged graphite milk. After a long period of time, there may be a small amount of solid material precipitation, but after mixing can restore the original suspension uniform state, without reducing the use of results.

  2、 Users can according to different requirements or experience, decided on whether liquid dilution and dilution ratio, the following reference;

  (1) The shape of the forging is complex and difficult to release, in which a large and small dilution 3-5 times; medium and small water diluted 5-10 times;

  (2) General forging and forging water 5-15 times;

  (3) Roll forging process can be diluted 20-30 times;

  (4) The requirements for special processes may not be diluted and used directly