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Classification of special graphite

  Special graphite covers a wide range, the Chinese electrical carbon products industry, natural graphite products industry and metallurgy with carbon products industry in this regard have different understanding and classification methods, metallurgical carbon products industry classification of habits explain, special graphite mainly refers to the high strength, high density, high purity graphite products (referred to as Sangao graphite). Sangao graphite from the organization of the material can be divided into coarse grain structure, fine grain structure and fine grain structure, from forming method of distinguish main molding special graphite, extrusion molding special graphite and static pressure molding special graphite three categories. In addition, vibration molding can also be used for the production of special graphite. High quality specialty graphite, an isotropic graphite, is a special kind of graphite used in static pressure.

  Not all special graphite must achieve the same high density, high strength, high purity index, using in different occasions of special graphite with strength and the density of specific requirements, strength, density index is not the same. Many special graphite does not need to reach high purity, ash is not the main quality index. Some special graphite does not require high strength, high density but need high purity. Some special graphite such as electric spark machining graphite according to different processing technology and processing object need different physical and chemical index of fine particles of graphite or special fine particles structure graphite.

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