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The application of carbon fiber knitted fabric

  Guide with new type of knitting process can be enhanced by carbon fiber knitted fabric, the fabric is woven from a carbon fiber filament continuous, it can replace mutual enhancement or woven fabric reinforced material, and the knitting technology can provide can be formed and costs are relatively cheap products.

  Reinforcing knitted fabric from the matrix resin and any limitations of presoak process, a certain stability, fiber distribution can be obtained the permanent and certain tensile properties of the composites, the composite material due to the organizational structure of reinforced material apparent anisotropy, but its space deformation may be woven or orientation enhanced composite materials, the stereo configuration of the knitting knitting circle more effectively prevent the up layer phenomena of the material.

  Carbon fiber knitted fabric is used as the reinforced material disadvantage is that its performance by the matrix resin adhesive ability, the direction of the knitted yarn circle and draft form and the degree of influence. At present, the carbon fiber nonwoven fabric, woven fabric, the research and development of 3 d work is to further strengthen, also the clip the versatile of its products.