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The application of carbon fiber needled felt

  Recently, the author is commissioned by the company to develop a kind of can meet the high performance of high-speed brakes brake piece, raw material is used in continuous filament untwisted PAN based carbon fiber T300 and its tensile strength is more than 3400 mpa, tensile modulus of 230 gpa, elongation is 115%, the density of 1175 g/cm3, carbon content over 94%, fiber diameter between 6 ~ 8 lm, count is 6 k.

  The needled felt manufacturing process and requirements are as follows: 1.1 short carbon fiber net tire manufacturing will long carbon fiber bundle of short cut in 68 ~ 70 mm long short carbon fiber bundle, and then folded into a net shop on network, made into uniform short carbon fiber net. 1.2 needled felt manufacturing as a whole According to a layer of short carbon fiber net, a layer of long fiber without weft cloth for layer overlapping, no weft cloth layer Angle between 90 b, each lay a layer of short carbon fiber net acupuncture again, needle density [3 mm, acupuncture depth is 10 ~ 12 mm, to achieve the overall needled felt each needle density uniform, long fiber and short fiber ratio is 75/25.

  Overall needled felt volume density in 0160 ~ 0163 g/cm3, layer density of between 12 ~ 13 units/cm. Made of carbon fiber needled felt through the test, has high strength and good antistatic performance, can satisfy the requirement of high-speed buffer braking.