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The properties of graphite and applications

Graphite color steel from iron ash to ash, black streaks, has significant heterogeneity, optical inhomogeneity, hardness and opaque, with metallic luster, aphanitic qualitative is bleak. 1 ~ 2 hardness, specific gravity 2.09 ~ 2.23, inferior graphite proportion is 1.84 ~ 1.98. (the proportion of change is decided by the amount of bubbles and). Chip can bend, soapy, paper and fingers to pollution. Graphite heat resistant (higher than copper and aluminum), with high electrical conductivity, which can withstand temperatures up to 3000 ℃, melting point 3800 ℃, boiling point 4250 ℃, plastic, chemical stability strong, insoluble in acid and alkali.

  Use and applications

  (1) the manufacture electric smelting furnace, electrolytic cell, the arc lamp and arc welding electrodes and generator, motor carbon brush, resistor and phone machine, etc.

  (2) manufacturing various metallurgical crucible.

  (3) the graphite is able to absorb a large number of neutrons, so can be used as a moderator in the atomic reactor, but it must be highly pure crystalline graphite.

  (4) used for foundry mold surface coating, antirust paint, machine lubricant, bearing lubricant.

  (5) a mixture of all kinds of refractories and refractory insulation materials.

  (6) manufacturing KangFuXing paint.

  (7) manufacturing pencil lead, as the black color material.

  (8) by special chemical treatment, can make the flexible sealing material.