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Graphite's Characteristics and machining method of graphite electrode

 Characteristics of graphite

  1 light weight: the proportion of 1/5, copper, suitable for the production of large electrodes

  2 machine processing performance is good: cutting resistance for copper 1/3

  3 surface easy to deal with: no burr after machining, easy manual processing

  4 high temperature: when the temperature reached 3650 degrees Celsius, it can withstand higher current.

  5 the thermal expansion coefficient is low: 1/4 for copper, and the heat is not deformed

  6 discharge machining speed: discharge machining speed than copper block 3~5 times, large area or rough machining more obvious.

  7 electrode loss is small: the ratio of the copper and copper is 2:4, it can be processed without damage.

  Machining method of graphite electrode:

  1 tool requirements: sharp, there is a large front and rear corner and the capacity of the chip

  2 tool material: carbide knife coating knife

  3 feed speed: 5500~8000 roughing finishing 4000~6000

  4 machine speed: rough machining 6500~10000 turn; finishing 6000~20000 turn

  5 processing margin: rough machining 0.6mm; finishing 0.3mm

  6 cutting capacity: the amount of lateral cutting is 1/2~2/3, and the depth of cutting is 1~1.5 times of the diameter of the cutter.

  7 cutting direction: the direction of the cutting is better than that of the cutting, and the milling is better than the reverse.