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The thermo physical properties of carbon carbon composite material

  C/C composite material was used for braking in the airplane for the first time in 1973,and now,over 60% of the carbon carbon composite material still be used for the airplane braking material,meanwhile, C/C composite material is also used for rocket nozzle, missile nose cone,parts on for re entering the atmosphere, racing car,high speed rail,tank etc.

  When the plane take off and land,the kinetic energy is very large,the kinetic energy of Boeing 767 aircraft is about 670MJ.the function of the brake disc is to make the airplane,with high kinetic energy and high momentum,slow and stop. The dynamic and stationary disc of aircraft will rub against each other to absorb the huge kinetic energy.the C/C composite material belong to the brittle materials,the energy generated during the friction can not transform into other form through plastic deformation,so it can only transform into thermal energy,so the temperature of the surface between dynamic and stationary disc is very high,it can reach 2000℃ at the moment. So that could have massive significance to do the research of C/C composite material.

  The influence of thermal conductivity of the C/C composite material is very complex. Different kinds of fibers and volume fraction,different kinds of matrix carbon and weave pattern,all these factors can lead to the thermal conductivity with a big difference. For example,there are different fiber type,such as: Nylon base,PAN base, isotropic pitch base and mesophase pitch base; The matrix carbon has thermosetting resin carbon, thermoplasticity pitch carbon and pyrolytic carbon vapor deposition;the weave pattern has fiber felt, non weft fabric,3D weave and 2.5d weave and 2d lamination etc. One of so many factors changed can have a big influence on the carbon carbon composite material.