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The application of flexible graphite sheet

  Flexible graphite sheet is light weight and easy to make,the price is much lower.it’s a suitable material to set fluid.this rechargeable battery,with a polyaniline anode and zinc negative pole,and a graphite sheet set fluid,has a reasonable price,large specific area,light weight,easy to use and no pollution to environment.

  Because of the almost same structure between flexible graphite sheet and natural graphite sheet,so the flexible graphite sheet has a similar property with natural graphite.however,as to the different processing from natural graphite ,so the flexible graphite sheet has some special properties that natural one do not have,such like :high temperature resistance,radiation resistance,chemical erosion resistance,lubrication,sealing,mechanical,easy to mold,etc.Graphite resource is rich in our country,so the development and search of graphite material has a very important significance.

  Flexible graphite material is made of natural flake graphite ,flake graphite and intercalation agent will have a reaction,and to be the expandable graphite ,after high temperature pressing ,the graphite sheet will be done.

  The flexible graphite could be used not only in the sealing but fuel cell industry.flexible graphite has a good thermal conductivity and airtightness,so it can meet the requirement of fuel cell industry.

  Flexible graphite sheet was invented in the late last century,at first,it’s used to solve the problem about the atomic energy valve leakage,the flexible graphite sheet is most suitable for this using,no cotton of the automotive industry promotes the development of graphite sheet industry,the flexible graphite sheet solved the problem of cotton material that leakage less than half one year,and reduce the cost.the prospects of flexible graphite material will be more and more broad.