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The purpose of the graphite and features

  Graphite is formed at high temperatures, is the most widespread graphite metamorphic deposit,By rich in organic matter or carbonaceous sink Indicates the regional metamorphism Graphite and graphite products in industry application is very wide, used for smelting. The high temperature of crucible, mechanical industrial lubricants, making the electrodes and pencil lead

  Graphite and graphite products are widely used in High-grade refractory material and coating of metallurgy industry, military industry, fire engineering materials stabilizer, light industry of pencil lead,The carbon brush of electrical industry, battery industry electrode catalyst, chemical fertilizer industry, etc.Flake graphite after deep processing,But also produce graphite,Graphite sealing material and composite material,,Graphite products,Graphite antifriction additives etc New technology of graphite products, graphite or graphite products become important nonmetallic mineral raw material of each industrial sector.most of world graphite or graphite products production consumption are concentrated in Japan,The United States,Germany and the UK, etc,Industry developed countries,Graphite has good corrosion resistance.