Using graphite as electrode

           Using graphite as electronic conductor material of the electrode.Graphite chemical properties is stable, low overpotential of chlorine, good mechanical strength, easy processing, price moderate.Is widely used in industry, such as used in dry cells positive electrode collector body (graphite rod), industrial electrolytic cell anode, etc.Of chlor-alkali industry in the early, chloride with graphite electrode material, but the drop of slag after chlorine corrosion such as chip jams diaphragm is easy to cause short circuit, shorten the life of electrolyzer, is gradually replaced by titanium form stable anode.In the lab is also commonly used as a price lower inert electrodes.

  The graphite used discharge loss smaller;Because the spark oil also contains C atoms, in electro discharge machining, the C atoms are deliquescence in low temperature lead to spark oil, instead of care for membrane, the outline of the graphite electrode made up for the loss of graphite electrode.

  Other, graphite or light property of glass and paper polishing agent and anti-rust agent, is to build a pencil, ink, black paint, printing ink and natural diamond, diamond no shortage of raw materials.It is a very good energy conservation and environmental protection material, the United States has used it as a car battery.As the best contemporary science technology and industry, expand the application range of the graphite in endless, has become a high-tech new composite material demand to the scope of the raw material, in oh economy has the need to see.the lighter weight: the density of graphite only 1/5 of copper, large electrode in EDM, effective low machine tools (EDM) tired of falling;The use of more right in in the large mould.

  Material is less simple deformation: in thin steel electrode processing on the upper hand clearly;The softening point of copper in 1000 degrees, simple deformation because of the heat;The sublimation of graphite temperature is 3650 degrees;1/30 of the thermal expansion coefficient of the copper. wear-resistant lubricating material: graphite as smooth agent in mechanical property.Smooth oil often means less than on the premise of high speed, low temperature, low pressure, and graphite can wear resistant materials in 200 ~ 2000 ℃ temperature under high sliding velocity, not oil.Many walks of oxidation medium equipment, throughout the adoption of graphite material made from the piston cup, seal and bearing, no need to join when they run smooth oil.Graphite is a lot of metal processing (wiredrawing, laguan) good lubricant.

  New application of graphiteas a conductive material: on the electrical property is used as electrode, carbon brush, rods, tubes, the anode, to the mercury is graphite gaskets, mobile phone parts, television tube coating, etc. the processing speed faster: usually environment, graphite the machine rate of 2 ~ 5 times faster than copper.The discharge processing speed is faster than copper 2 ~ 3 times;

  So, it is a kind of ambition sealing material.Popularity is used to heat the oil chemical industry, atomic energy and other belongings.The international market demand is increasing year by refractory material: graphite and its products have the essence of the low temperature resistance, high strength, the first is used to produce graphite crucible in the metallurgical property, the graphite is commonly used in steelmaking for ingot protectant, metallurgical furnace lining. Graphite pencil lead, pigment, polishing agent.Graphite through special processing, can make all kinds of uncommon material used for the fortune some.

  For atomic energy wealth and possessions of defense: graphite is good neutron moderator for atomic reaction in the heap, a uranium graphite feedback heap is used more of an atomic pile response.As power with slow data in a nuclear reactor should have high melting point, the stability, resistance to oxidation of defiance, graphite can completely meet the above requirement.As feedback atomic pile with graphite requires high purity, impurity content should not across dozens of PPM.Rated a boron content should be less than 0.5 parts per million.Also used in the defense of property of graphite produce solid rocket nozzle, missile nose cones, space travel is equipped with the machine, heat insulation material and the ray material.9, electrode, graphite can somehow replace copper as electrode?don't have a burr;Copper electrode in the processing is completed, still need to manually trim to remove burrs, and no burr after graphite processing, save a little ready cash, at the same time are easier to implement positive change production;graphite has good chemical stability.Graphite by uncommon processing, has the oxidation resistance, good thermal conductivity, seeping into the elementary characteristics of seepage rate, small amount used to produce heat interchanger, reaction tank, condensation, ignition, attract towers, cooler, heater, filter, pump facilities.Widely applied to heat the oil chemical industry, hydrometallurgy, acid and alkali production, synthetic fiber, paper and other part of fortune can be so much the amount of metal materials.