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Application of isostatic pressing graphite

  In order to shorten the production process, reduce the cost, improve the quality, reduce the labor intensity and pollution to the environment, the metal material production gradually to the continuous casting direction in 20 years.

  So far, the basic realization of the copper, aluminum production, high purity graphite, steel production has reached more than 80% (but most of the mold is not using graphite).

  Isostatic graphite is mainly used for large copper production line. Since 1985, our country from Austria, France, Switzerland, Japan and other countries has introduced more than 30 production lines, and to design our own manufacturing production line has reached more than 100, using graphite crystallizer.

Graphite for electrical discharge machining

  Electric spark machining is a revolution in the die and mould industry. It not only simplifies the traditional process, but also makes it possible to make a shaped mould. Because of the isotropic, the graphite electrode is the best material for the manufacture of electric spark graphite electrode.

Graphite material for the production of quartz crystal silicon

  The quartz crucible is a container of a single crystal silicon, and the graphite crucible is used as a molding material in the manufacture of quartz crucible.

  In addition to the main purposes, such as static pressure graphite is widely used in the field of hard alloy (vacuum oven heater, sintered plate, etc.), mining (bit mould manufacturing), chemical (for heat exchanger and anticorrosive parts), metallurgy Qian Guo, machinery, mechanical seal), space (nozzle), graphite reactor (deceleration material and reflective material) etc..